A woman with “horns” and “fangs” like Vampire.

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A woman from Mexico changed her appearance with tattoos at all her body and implanted titanium under the skin of her forehead to create horns. A new bizzare news, people called her “Vampire Woman”

Maria Jose Christerna is a tattoo artist and a lawyer. She showed off her thrilling look at the tattoo exhibition in the city of Monterey.

Christerna claimed to be obsessed with tattoos after became the victim of domestic violence. “Tattooing is a form of freedom from me”, says Maria.
According to her, the constant beatings and torture she received at home led her to make tattoos almost 100% of her body.

She also added some piercings in her face and some titanium implants on the forehead to create the form of horns. Then she also change the shape of her teeth to create long fangs. Although her performance looks creepy, Christerna claimed to have a normal life.

“I implanted the horns without anaesthetic, they’re the symbols of strength. I made the vampire fangs because I liked vampires when I was a little girl”, said Christerna again.

resource: thesun.co.uk


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