Joshua Carlton Tattoo

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Joshua Carlton is a well known, sought after artist and pioneer in the tattoo industry. Widely known and respected for his achievements in realism, he has been tattooing for over 20 years. He is an accomplished painter with his work featured in American Artist magazine, solo art show at Paul Booth’s Last Rites gallery and at auctions worldwide.

Author of best selling book; Advanced Tattooing Techniques: A Guide to Realism featured on
Tattoo machine builder made specifically to achieve his super smooth and finely detailed work with large mags. He is also partnered up with John Montgomery to bring you some of the finest tattoo pigments in the industry with best selling Alla Prima inks.

A gifted musician, Joshua created the post rock, melodic band called Chiaroscuro which he plays guitar for. Named after the famous art technique that he heavily integrates into his tattooing. He has toured with the popular band “This Will Destroy You.”

Joshua is currently working out of Eugene Oregon. You can contact him here. or email him at

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