Scott Versago

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Tattooing, though an incredible passion of his, didn’t stick at first. Following the completion of his apprenticeship in 1996, Scott Versago went on hiatus from the medium and took to mastering the digital arts. Over the next ten years, Versago founded his own marketing and advertising firm, and was responsible for designing and developing multi-million dollar projects for such high-profile clients as; Microsoft, IBM, MCI Worldcom, The City of Cleveland, The Cleveland Browns, and Goodwin Sports Management (Lebron James), as well as many others. After merging his firm with a production studio based in Nashville, Tennessee, Scott sold his company and stepped out of the professional digital arts business for good in order to refocus his career path towards his true love of tattooing.

Scott Versago’s extreme attention to fine details lends a hand toward his eerily accurate photo realistic portrait tattoos, and breathes life into every single challenge that walks through the doors of his Akron, Ohio based tattoo studio, Empire Ink.  His artwork- inspired by the likes of Michael Hussar, Chet Zar, H.R. Giger, Heironomous Bosch, Greg ‚ Craola‚ Simkins, and Salvador Dali among others- bring him clientele from all over the world. Versago currently favors the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit tattoo machine loaded with Fusion, Alla Prima, Silverback Black 11, and Starbrite White inks.

On the exterior, Versago’s studio, Empire Ink, may seem like any other run-of-the-mill tattoo parlor until you step inside and realize that original paintings, sculptures, and illustrations adorn the walls in lieu of the typical tattoo flash found in most. Proud to be a custom studio, Empire Ink, creates one of a kind designs for each and every client. The studio has even opened a gallery upstairs for hosting benefits, art shows, and showcasing local talent.

Not only is Empire Ink original, it’s clean, comforting, and welcoming. Voted Best of Akron four years running, the artists pride themselves on keeping up with the latest trends, rules, and regulations. The creativity is overflowing, and everyone is constantly working on something new and unique.

As for the artists themselves, they have been hand picked by Versago one by one; many are graduated apprentices of his own tutelage. Each artist has their own style, and their own specialties. You can check out Scott Versago and his Empire Ink family at or at


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