Anatomy Tattoos

Anatomy Tattoos are striking designs that, unlike other styles of tattooing, are meant to reveal what lies under the skin rather than cover it with something else. Whether intended as simple interesting art, done for shock value, or meant to represent something deeply hidden by the recipient; anatomical tattoos are often anatomically correct and accurately denote internal organs, bone structure, muscle tissue, and a whole slew of other things that are more than skin deep.  It seems that a lot of the time the experience of having an eye opening stint at the hospital, and the following contemplation of life and death, can provide an unexpected inspiration for people to depict the internal workings of the human body; and put on display what it is exactly that makes us tick. Although some might find the idea of anatomy tattoos a bit grotesque, the quality of the artistry cannot be denied.

By Greg Halloran

Tattoo by Nick Baxter

Zipper muscle tattoo by Yomico Moreno.

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