Joe Bass

Joe Bass writes…”I studied Fine Arts and Literature at Arizona State University; I graduated in 2000 and began studying tattoo as a fascinating and transgressive medium. Professionally, I have been exclusively focused on tattooing since 2005.  I currently own and operate a small, comfortable studio –The Jade Mermaid Tattoo Parlor – in downtown Portland, Oregon where I work with family and good friends, and enjoy a thriving, diverse clientele. Artistically, I strive for boldness, precision, and most importantly, singularity – I try not to limit my imagination to any particular style, genre, or trend.  My decisive goals with every tattoo are to render a vision for the client and to captivate the viewer – to mesmerize them with color, movement, depth, placement, detail, some facet of distinction – even if for a moment.” See more from Joe here.