Victoria Van Violence

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Photography by Pixelstyles

Photography by ErnestAlexander.DE

My name is Victoria, I´m 23 years of age and I live in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). I really love this city, especially the conventions and habits of the people here. That is the reason why I got a Frankfurt Tattoo on my upper arm. I got it when I lived in London for one year and found myself missing my “home-habour”.  I drove to Edinburgh and got it done by Fabian Langes (Clockwork Tattoos in Naturns, Italy) who was there as a guest-tattooist.

I got my first Piercing when I was 13 and my first Tattoo (a star) at 15. I try to invest all my spare money in new Ink which, unfortunately, is not that easy when you’re a student.  All the tattoos I have contain a special meaning to me, of course. I don´t prefer a particular Tattoo-style, my ink ranges from oldschool motifs to a big Vampira portrait on my thigh made by Sebastian Brückner (InkSide in Darmstadt, Germany). I have some more traditional tattoos planned for later this year; I’ve been neglecting the right side of my body and that has to change!

I’ve only been doing the whole Tattooed-model thing since last year so be prepared for more nice pictures, tattoos and other things.

Photography by: JeyOh! Photography, Pixelstyles,, and Ralf Erlinger

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