I remember as a child  sheet and pencil collections of albums for my manga drawings hahaha.

Born and raised in Bucaramanga Santander I had an excellent education and stayed busy with many typical childhood activities. As a child a number one fan of video games among my favorites Mario Bros, Killer Instinc, fighter Street, among others that were the games of the time all thanks to my father traded with this type of entertainment that lucky hahaha.

I also enjoyed collecting comic books from Marvel comics and video games that led to an obvious and I was intrigued with drawing, painting and art in general. Being interested in the creative process, my first doodle drawings include various images of the faces of my friends and teachers who were more humorous and fun than those long, boring classes.
In secondary school I really liked art classes. Among my early works I remember the walls of my room which gave me great satisfaction but it was not so with my mother who would get very angry hahaha.  She thought his son was going crazy.Hahahaha

When I was about 15 years old, my friend stopped by to show me his new tattoo and it awakened my curiosity for this art. And so he created his first tattoo machine that was very rustic and very homely with whom I did my first tattoo (children do not try this at home can be dangerous) Surprisingly, my parents gave me permission and I did.
I felt so great that day I fell in love with my tattoo. Thus, not only I received my first piece of ink, but this event opened the window to a new world that will eventually become unknowingly in my career.

Usually I have a very busy work schedule, but I also like painting, when time permits. I am very concerned about painting and to find new knowledge. I am inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali is one of my favorites while I have your face tattooed, Luis Royo. And addition of these teachers, the tattoo artists I like: Nikko Hurtado, Bob Tyrell, Robert Hernandez, Mike DeVries, Guy Aitchison, Nick Baxter, and among many more. There are many artists to enrich the medium and greetings to all those who have always followed my work, they love her and thanks for the support. See more of his work on his Facebook page here.

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