Woman celebrates divorce by tattooing entire body

A mother-of-two has celebrated her divorce by getting a full-body tattoo – from her new boyfriend
Jacqui Moore, 41, has had 85 per cent of her flesh inked with a continuous black and grey ‘full body-suit’ tattoo, a process which has taken eight years. Just her left armpit, half her right leg and most of her face has been left uncovered.But she hopes to complete the tattoo by getting the final 15 per cent of her body daubed next Spring.

Jacqui, a gardener at a private school in Oxford, fell for tattooist Andreas Moore, nicknamed ‘Curly’, 45, after divorcing from her husband Martin in March 2003 after a seven-year marriage. She said: ‘I went to get a new tattoo to symbolise my freedom and the new chapter in my life. When I got to the parlour I met Curly and we fell in love and he has been tattooing me since.

‘Lots of people treat me differently: some are very nice, while I get a lot of funny looks from other people. Some people even tell me I look disgusting. ‘But I am proud of my body – I see it as a work of art. My eldest says she is not too keen on it but she has two tattoos herself, so she can’t object that much.’
Curly spent 35 hours tattooing her right leg with swirling Indian and Tibetan flowers.

Source: Huffington Post

Thailand Seeks To Ban Buddha Tattoos For Tourists

BANGKOK — Thailand’s Culture Ministry says foreign tourists should be barred from getting Buddhist tattoos while visiting because the practice is culturally insensitive.

Culture Minister Niphit Intharasombat said in a statement that his ministry has been receiving complaints from residents that tattoo parlors are etching sacred images of Buddha and other religious images onto the skin of non-Buddhist visitors across the country.

“Foreigners see these tattoos as a fashion,” Niphit said in the statement posted on his ministry’s website Thursday. “They do not think of respecting religion, or they may not be aware” that it can be offensive.

Thailand is mostly Buddhist, and Buddha statues and images here are considered sacred objects of worship. Millions of foreigners visit the Southeast Asian nation annually.

Niphit said his ministry had called on tattoo parlors nationwide to halt the activity. According to the country’s government news agency, NNT, he also asked provincial governors to “inspect tattoo studios and seek their cooperation.”

NNT also reported that Niphit is pushing for a law banning the practice.

However, Ladda Thangsupachai, director of the ministry’s Cultural Surveillance Center, said Thursday that tattooing religious images is not yet illegal under Thai law.


source: Huffington post