Ink Master looking For Tattoo Artists and Human Canvases For Season 2

Think you have what it takes to be the next ink Master? Or would you like to volunteer as a human canvas?

Click here to apply to be an artist or a human canvas on Season 2 of ink Masters.


Joe Bass

Joe Bass writes…”I studied Fine Arts and Literature at Arizona State University; I graduated in 2000 and began studying tattoo as a fascinating and transgressive medium. Professionally, I have been exclusively focused on tattooing since 2005.  I currently own and operate a small, comfortable studio –The Jade Mermaid Tattoo Parlor – in downtown Portland, Oregon where I work with family and good friends, and enjoy a thriving, diverse clientele. Artistically, I strive for boldness, precision, and most importantly, singularity – I try not to limit my imagination to any particular style, genre, or trend.  My decisive goals with every tattoo are to render a vision for the client and to captivate the viewer – to mesmerize them with color, movement, depth, placement, detail, some facet of distinction – even if for a moment.” See more from Joe here.

Zhivko Baychev

Zhivko Baychev was born in Pomorie, Bulgaria and moved from there in 2002, he currently lives and work in Prague (Czech republic) He is a tattoo artist at Bloody Blue Tattoo.


Corey Miller

Corey Miller is a legend in the industry. Corey Miller has been Tattooing for 25 years, this California native has inked people all around the world from Japan and Amsterdam to Hawaii and Paris. He specializes in black & gray portraits and dragons that merge the traditional and classic styles with his own. A true master, Corey Miller is known for his freehand work, drawing the image directly onto the skin, foregoing any stencil. He has an extensive client list, including celebrities like James Hettfield from Metallica, Jason Giambi of the NY Yankees and Jesse James. In his spare time, this married father of three enjoys playing the drums. See more of Corey’s work here