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Tdan tattoos is a talented artist based in Russia. DenisTorikashvili writes…

“I took great interest to tattooing in 1997. That time tattoo art was just being arose in Russia. Before that moment tattoo had been in isolation, being spread only in criminal & military environment. The community had negative attitude to tattooed people. By the end of 90’s the situation has started to change a little. First tattoo studios appeared, mainly in cities, including my native city Rostov-on-Don. I came to see out of curiosity & became addicted to tattoo till the rest of my life. That moment I didn’t suppose that my teenage hobby would become my profession.

In the beginning, the process developed slowly. Experience exchange was impossible by many reasons. At first, there was no access to the Internet, at second, artists, who had some experience in tattooing, reluctantly wished to share it, at third, any editions about tattoo didn’t exist at all. My close people were adjusted negatively to my hobby. There were the conditions in which I had to start. I had to self-educate, mastered primitive machines, used inks I was able to purchase, and tried different styles. That kind of way I went on till 2004. That year I learnt that in St.Petersburg would be held The International Tattoo Convention. Such an event I mustn’t have missed, so I bought a ticket and went there. To say I was impressed by what I’ve seen means to say nothing. I met there adherents, got acquainted to such a great artists as Pavel Angel, Dmitriy Rechnoy, Sergey Bardadim and others. I’ve learnt from this trip much more then I have had during last previous years. I was charged by tattoo energy and, being inspired, came back home. The quality of my works noticeably increased. From that time I’ve started to visit the convention every year. It has become the place where information and other kinds of tattoo activities were accumulated together, the place of meetings and communications of people who were in love with tattoo.

Already in 2006 I could brag my first success: my work was recognized the best among the works which were made during the Convention. I tattooed the portrait of my daughter on my wife’s back. Since that time I had a lot of awards but the First was the most important for me. In 2007 I joined the Guild of Russian Professional Tattoo Artists , which joined together the best ones in this profession and struggled for the safety of tattoo process. At the moment I work in my own studio. I have plans for world traveling, meeting well-known tattoo artists, visit great foreign tattoo-conventions.”

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